Do you want to help defend the dignity of all women, children and men? Are you fed up with the mocking and relaxed attitude of the media and opinion makers? Do you want to help curb sexual exploitation? Whether you have only a few hours or can commit to a long-term project, we likely have volunteer opportunities available for you!

At the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, we invite you to be a part of the movement to end sexual exploitation of children, women and men in the United States. Everyone has a chance to make a difference using their unique skills and experiences.We have a variety of ways for you to be included in the movement, so sign up to volunteer today and together we will make a difference across the globe!

Pornography has become one of the number one leading public health crises of the twenty-first century. With children seeing pornographic material on average by age 10, pornography is causing serious threats to society including increased demand for trafficked women and children, increased sexualization of children and child sexual abuse, a rise in sexual assault and violence against women, addiction, divorce, distorted perceptions of sexuality, and dangerous sexual practices.



If you’re looking for a way to help, but don’t feel comfortable leading public efforts or don’t have very much time to commit to these efforts, the following are some ways you can help the movement!


Take 10 or more actions on our Action Center. These include sending emails, signing petitions, and making calls. Visit the Action Center here.

Raise awareness online. Here are some ideas for sharing information on your own social network accounts or consider starting a new one.

Make creative content that can be shared about harms of exploitation – graphics, videos, posters, etc. It costs a lot to pay people for these, so if you have the talent and time, it would be greatly APPRECIATED! If you have ideas for messaging that we could make, please email it to public@ncose.com.

Share your own experience anonymously in a blog or video post on our websites. Submit it here or email public@ncose.com.

Donate your expertise or service. We can always use extra help and ideas! –Learn more here.

We often need help with specific research projects. All can be done online and from home, but require at least 4 hours a week. If you are interested in this, please contact us. Projects vary based on particular campaigns at the time.

Volunteer Opportunities in the Community:

Libraries & Schools: Are your libraries and schools protected from exploitation? Are there effective filters in place? What is the policy regarding pornography access? What is the policy regarding other forms of exploitation? Some libraries aren’t reporting crimes to the police. Some schools are giving iPads to kids with no protections and no education for the parents. We can help you make sure your libraries and schools are safe. Visit our project page SafeSchoolsSafeLibraries.com for more details.

Launch a city-wide blitz! We can help you put up billboards, build a local coalition of leaders around your community, organize small or large events, and more. With your help, this can be as small or as big of a campaign as you would like. More details at our project page City-wide Blitz.

Organize a small or large local meeting/rally/school assembly/church awareness activity/etc. about the harms of pornography and all exploitation. We regularly travel to present more information on these issues. If you can get 15+ people together who are interested in learning more and helping in some way, we can come help teach them. We can also help you find the right speaker if you wish to have someone else or we can help train you to give the presentation. Contact us at 202-393-7245 or public@ncose.com.

Distribute flyers and brochures to businesses in your area. Churches, doctors offices, schools, libraries, and more are often open to providing flyers to their patrons. Check out our shop or contact us to see what we have.

Why Help By Sharing Your Story?personal-experiences

Sharing personal experiences can often help individuals in their own healing process. It is a way to communicate and understand some of the struggles you have endured. It is also a powerful way to help others who are struggling themselves. When we speak up about the realities and the recovery process from these difficult experiences, we often help others to find courage and direction to overcome their struggles as well.

By sharing your experience, you contribute to the irrefutable proof that we have a serious problem with sexual exploitation. We often use these experiences to help convey the severity of this public health crisis when we meet with elected officials, government leaders, business leaders and other public opinion makers.


  • Write your story or record your story on video or audio.
  • Submit it to public@ncose.com or through our contact form here. Please write in the subject line “Personal Story”
  • We may add your experience to our website here, share on social media, and/or give to key leaders in our meetings.

NOTE: These stories are usually shared anonymously. If you would like your name attached to the story, you can note that when you submit it.

Coalition logo 600x600BACKGROUND: We direct the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE), comprising more than 280 national, state and local groups who are united in their desires to end exploitation. The main goals of this coalition are to facilitate networking among leaders in the movement, share resources rather than duplicate, work on join projects when possible.


CESE Tracker & Calendar: Updating a weekly log that tracks members of the National Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation. Checking our members’ websites and social media to see what they are up to. Recording current projects and victories. We then share these developments with others in the Coalition.

While reviewing member efforts, you would also add events, conferences, workshops, fundraisers, meetings, community events, etc., that would be of interest to members of the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation, or to anyone who would like to participate in the cause. Posting these to the online calendar: http://endexploitationmovement.com/calendar/

Time Commitment: At least 5 hours a week for 2 months.

Help build & update the CESE website, EndExploitationMovement.com:  Every day, we find more resources and allies! But we need help adding them to our Coalition site here: http://endexploitationmovement.com/navigate/. You don’t have to be a web genius to apply–if you can write an email or piece together a blog post, you have what it takes. We will teach you how to put these groups into the website.

Time Commitment: 1-10 hours a week for 2 months.

Porn Harms Research square 497x497BACKGROUND: Our website, PornHarmsResearch.com, compiles hundreds of peer-reviewed research articles on the harms of pornography and the links between pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation. The site also compiles some key news and opinion articles. All articles are divided by category to help professionals, activists, and individuals learn more about these issues.

It is quite a lot of work to maintain this website and there are hundreds more articles that need to be added. We rely solely on volunteers and NCSE interns to keep this valuable resource going.


Search for additional articles that should be added to the research site. One would look online or in journals for articles that need to be added and then put them in our tracker to be added to the website. Usually, you don’t have to read the articles, but rather just read the summary or skim to make sure it meets the requirements to be added. Another volunteer or NCSE staff will read the articles.

Time Commitment: 1-10 hours a week for at least 2 months

Review research articles and draft an abstract or summary. Most articles already provide a thorough abstract, however a handful do not. We must provide an abstract or summary in order to post the paper on our site. We need volunteers to read the papers and write the summaries.

Time Commitment: 5-10 hours a week for at least 2 months.

Are you able to help translate some of our materials into another language. We have especially high demand for materials in the Spanish language.

Requirements: Must be native speaker or very fluent in the language.


Dear Prospective Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation! We are delighted and honored you would choose to spend your time with our team here at NCOSE and are very grateful that you are stepping up to help defend dignity in a direct way.

We ask that you consider carefully the time commitment and sensitive nature of the work before you begin the application. While you will not be asked to view depictions of pornography, you may be exposed to graphic descriptions and disturbing material such as personal stories of others. Though we are thrilled at your interest, we hope that you can see that we depend greatly on our volunteers. If you have any doubts or second thoughts on your current time availability right now, please consider other areas to get involved with the fight against sexual exploitation, including our Action Center, Weekly Newsletter, and Prayer Team. Just to be frank, it hurts NCOSE and our efforts to spend time training and equipping a new volunteer, only to find out that they are unable to participate as they first said.

If a volunteer position is still your intention, thank you for your interest! Please fill out the online application and our team will get back to you with the next steps.

Volunteer with NCOSE

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