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Take Action Now

1. Call Your Senator

Ask that they withhold confirmation of proposed new FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler until he commits to enforce decency standards.
Dial (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak to one of the Senators from your state.
Download a proposed call script here.

2. Email Your Senators, President Obama and the FCC Commissioners

3. Fax Your Representative



You Should Know

• June 2012 – The U.S Supreme Court ruled that the FCC is free to enforce federal broadcast TV indecency law in FCC v. Fox.

• In 2012, the FCC bragged that they threw out more than 1 million indecency (nudity and profanity) complaints by concerned citizens without investigating them simply because too much time had lapsed before they could get to them, making it clear that the networks are free to break the rules. The FCC still has approx. 500,000 public complaints. Are they willing to investigate and enforce these at least? Since they have not enforced a single decency regulation since 2008, we feel it is unlikely.

• April 2013 – The FCC announced they are considering weakening current broadcast decency standards. Specifically, if enacted, the new FCC policy would allow network television and local radio stations to air the f-word, the s-word and to allow programs to show frontal female nudity, even during hours when they know children will be watching and listening.

• In June 2013, Over 105,000 public comments were filed in regarding the proposed changes to current decency standards, nearly all comments called on the FCC to keep current standards which prohibit nudity and profanity.”

• Two new FCC appointees are expected to be named in the summer of 2013. President Obama nominated Tom Wheeler to be the chairman and a Republican nominee for a commissioner position is expected soon.

Recent News

The Washington Times: “TV viewers weary of nudity and obscenity look for decency from FCC nominee

Newsmax: “Obama’s FCC Nominee Faces Concern Over Decency Standards

LA Times: “PTC, Morality in Media press Congress over FCC indecency rules

Time Magazine: “Is There an Epidemic of Nudity on Prime-Time TV?

The Christian Post: “Holding the Line Against Broadcast Decency

Contact the FCC

• Website:
• To File an official complaint:
• Address: Federal Communications Commission / 445 12th Street, SW / Washington, DC 20554
• Chairman Julius Genachowski:; (202) 418-1000
• Commissioner Robert McDowell:; (202) 418-2200
• Commissioner Mignon Clyburn:; (202) 418-2100
• Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel:; (202) 418-2400
• Commissioner Ajit Pai:; (202) 418-2000

Allied Groups:

Parents Television Council (PT) is a non-partisan education organization of over 1.3 million everyday citizens advocating responsible entertainment. PTC works with the entertainment industry to stem the flow of harmful and negative messages targeted to children and presses elected and appointed government officials to enforce broadcast decency standards.

Media Research Center – MRC’s The Culture and Media Institute (CMI) fights to preserve and help restore America’s culture, character, traditional values, and morals.


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