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Tune-in on the NCOSE Facebook Page for the Live-Streamed Event on July 18th at 3:00 pm* ET.

*Note: due to the live nature of this event, the presentation may begin 5-10 minutes after 3:00 pm.


2017 Summer Seminar Series

*RSVP For In-Person Attendance Only

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2017 Summer. Washington, DC.

Each event begins at 3:00 pm ET, and is located at NCOSE headquarters: 440 1st StreetNW, Suite 840 Washington, DC 20001. Events will be streamed live for those not in the DC-area.

These easily accessible, incredibly beneficial events are intended to educate and equip professionals in the field, advocates on the issues, and passionate members of the community on various sexual exploitation issues. It will also be a great opportunity to network with other passionate leaders local to the DC area. To lighten the mood, each event will have an extensive ice cream bar with all the fix-ins and other summer treats.

If you can’t join us in-person, we will also stream each event live online lower on this page.

Please only RSVP if you intend to join in-person. 


2018 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit

Summit to end sexual exploitation

April 4-7, 2018. Washington, DC.

While the problem of sexual exploitation is as immense as ever, opportunities to take new ground abound. Now, more than ever, the burgeoning movement to end sexual exploitation needs to be energized, equipped, encouraged and inspired. Your experience and leadership are vital to harnessing that energy, equipping emerging leaders, and inspiring the next generation to dream of a world free from sexual exploitation. Please join us for the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit April 4-7, 2018 and share your voice and vision with others.

Learn more about the 2018 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit here.


Event Highlights

Fight for Freedom: DC Event to Help Combat Human Trafficking

Stop Modern Slavery, Love146 and the Clarendon Ballroom are pleased to bring you “Fight for Freedom“. Come enjoy a night of food, drinks, and entertainment while learning about efforts to combat human trafficking in the DC area. The event will be emceed by Mix 107.3 DJ Ashley Nickels and will feature a variety of raffle prizes (including tickets to State Theatre […]

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Progress Report: Meeting with the U.S. Department of Education, New Campaigns, and More

I have a sign in my office that says simply: “Communicate results.” It’s meant to remind me to tell our supporters the good things we are accomplishing. Yet, things have been happening so fast this year that I find it difficult to honor that command. So, here is a quick update on this last week: […]

Summer Seminar: The Public Health Harms of Pornography Explained

Presentation: The Public Health Harms of Pornography Explained The pornography of today has created an unprecedented epidemic of sexual harm. Once a social or health issue involves problems that affect individuals or groups beyond their capacity to correct – responsibility shifts from individual accountability to holding the forces and influences that cause it accountable. While […]

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Summer Seminar: Exposing the Connections Between All Forms of Sexual Exploitation

Presentation: Exposing the Connections Between All Forms of Sexual Exploitation America is suffering from a sexual exploitation crisis. Evidence supports the fact that child sexual abuse, prostitution, pornography, sex trafficking, sexual violence, etc., are not isolated phenomena occurring in a vacuum. Rather, these and other forms of sexual abuse and exploitation overlap and reinforce one […]

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Summer Seminar: Today’s Pornography: Not a Constitutional Right, Not a Human Right

WATCH THE LIVE-STREAMED PRESENTATION HERE This presentation addressed the need to enforce federal obscenity laws, which currently prohibit distribution of obscene material (hardcore pornography) through the Internet, through cable/satellite TV, on hotel/motel TVs, in retail shops, through the mail, or by common carrier. The U. S. Supreme Court has always held that the distribution of obscene […]