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Statement: Why Are Rape-Themed Video Games Being Sold in the Age of #MeToo?

Washington, DC – The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has identified some in the video game industry as perpetuating rape culture and rape myths. In July NCOSE reached out to Steam, a video game distribution platform and one of the most egregious culprits, asking the company to remove sexually exploitive games. After NCOSE’s complaint, Steam added […]

SESTA Gives Senate Historic Opportunity to Protect Victims of Online Sex Trafficking

Washington, DC – On Wednesday, November 8, the Senate Commerce Committee is scheduled to consider the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (S. 1693). The legislation would amend section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) to protect victims of online sex trafficking.  It is the fervent hope of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation that […]

COMMENT: Kevin Spacey Scandal Shows #MeToo is About Male Victims Too

Washington, DC – Netflix announced it would suspend production of the sixth season of “House of Cards” until the company has had “time to review the current situation and to address any concerns of our cast and crew,” following allegations that the shows lead actor, Kevin Spacey, has sexually assaulted numerous male victims over the years. […]

Statement: HBO’s The Deuce Recycles Female Sexual Exploitation for Profit

Washington, DC – The final episode of the first season of HBO’s new show, The Deuce, will air Sunday night, bringing to a close, for now, yet another HBO series that profits off of the sexual exploitation of women. “HBO’s claims that it made a show to critique the misogyny and exploitive harms of pornography and prostitution are about […]

2017 Dirty Dozen: HBO

COMMENT: Mark Halperin’s Resignation Should Be Yet Another Springboard to Real Cultural Change

Washington, DC – In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the resignation of Amazon Studio’s Chief Roy Price, as well as similar developments in Silicon Valley, senior political analyst Mark Halperin resigned from both NBC and MSNBC over his alleged sexual harassment of several women. Today, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation reiterates our call for real cultural change […]

Amazon Executive’s Alleged Sexual Harassment Exposes the Company’s Corporate Culture

Washington, DC – In the wake of Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein scandal, Amazon Studio’s Chief Roy Price was suspended yesterday following allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him by a producer for Amazon Studios. “Corporate leaders create corporate culture. If the people at the top are engaging in sexual harassment, or other forms of sexual exploitation and […]

STATEMENT: Terry Crews Weighs in on Harvey Weinstein Controversy, Addresses Sexual Harassment of Males

Statement by Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of NCOSE  Washington, DC – Producer Harvey Weinstein has recently been confronted with allegations of sexually harassing women in Hollywood. Last night, Terry Crews contributed to the dialogue surrounding sexual assault in the entertainment industry tweeting about how he was groped by a separate prominent figure in Hollywood. The […]

Statement: Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein’s Alleged Sexual Harassment

Washington, DC – Ashley Judd and several other women have accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment over the course of several decades. Following a New York Times report detailing the allegations, Weinstein issued an apology, but subsequently threatened to sue the newspaper for what he and his attorney characterized as defamatory statements based on […]

Three Survivors Reach Settlement with Sex Trafficking Website

Washington, DC – The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is ecstatic at the news that plaintiffs in J.S., S.L, and L.C., v. Village Voice Media Holdings have reached a settlement with in their sex trafficking lawsuit against the classified sex ads website. While the settlement in no way restores to these survivors what was so savagely taken from […]

2017 Dirty Dozen:

Silenced No More: Online Sex Trafficking Victims Deserve Real Solutions

Washington, DC – Today, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing at 10:00 AM EST concerning online sex trafficking and the Communications Decency Act (CDA). For years, the courts have interpreted Section 230 of the CDA as granting broad immunity to websites such as and others that publish third-party content and facilitate sex trafficking from any criminal liability. “Major tech companies […]

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