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Daily Caller: Snapchat And Teen Vogue Encouraging Teens To Create ‘Child Pornography’ During Quarantine

Originally Published at The Daily Caller By Mary Margaret Olohan Snapchat and Teen Vogue are encouraging teenagers to create “child pornography” during the coronavirus quarantine through sexting, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation said. The center, which fights child sexual abuse, prostitution, sex trafficking and the public health harms of pornography urged Teen Vogue on…


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Huffington Post: YouTube is a Pedophile’s Paradise

Originally Published at the Huffington Post UK By Jesselyn Cook and Sebastian Murdock The French vlogger behind the popular YouTube channel “Le Roi des Rats” called attention to this issue back in January 2017. In a viral video, he showed a stream of examples of playlists with titles “like on a pornographic website” containing videos featuring…


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WORLD: Illicit Opportunism

Originally Published by WORLD By Mary Jackson Pornhub is trying to lure Europeans quarantined for the coronavirus into streaming its pornographic videos, some of which contain trafficked children and adults and rapes. The internet’s largest pornography website offered users in France, Italy, and Spain free one-month subscriptions to its “premium” content. The clearinghouse for user-generated…


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CNS News: You’ve Heard of Harvey Weinstein. But How About the ‘Dirty Dozen’?

Originally Published at CNS News By Jeffrey M. McCall Two recent news happenings are indicative of the media’s selective interest in dealing with the cultural problems associated with sexual corruption and misbehavior. The trial and conviction of Hollywood bigshot Harvey Weinstein generated saturation coverage from all major news outlets. The Weinstein story, which broke over…


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The Hill: GOP senator calls for DOJ investigation into Pornhub over videos of sex trafficking victims

Originally Published at The Hill By Emily Birnbaum [Senator] Sasse’s letter comes just days after Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) introduced a controversial, highly anticipated bill aimed at holding tech companies like Facebook and Google accountable for images and videos of child sexual exploitation on their platforms. Several Republicans on the committee declined to sign…


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Washington Examiner: Credit card companies should stop partnering with porn websites

Originally Published at The Washington Examiner By Haley McNamara How can mainstream credit card companies process payments for an industry that is virtually guaranteed to profit from rape and sex trafficking? Visa, Mastercard, and Discover partner with the pornography industry. For years, these credit card companies have processed payments for massive pornography websites such as…


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Washington Post: Hawley introduces bill to document scope of human trafficking in America

Originally Published at The Washington Post By Tom Jackman As the federal government ramped up its efforts to fight human trafficking in the early 2000s, a key law passed by Congress in 2005 mandated that the Justice Department carry out “comprehensive research and statistical review and analysis of severe forms of trafficking in persons” every…

Article logo Alabama’s resolution to declare pornography a public health crisis is urgently needed

Originally Published at By Melea Stephens, LPC, MMFT Despite what people often assume, hardcore pornography is legal obscenity and is not protected free speech, however, our federal obscenity laws are not currently being enforced, leaving our community vulnerable to its often-devastating effects. The Alabama Resolution to Declare Pornography a Public Health Crisis is a…


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Daily Caller: Pornography And Sex Trafficking Are ‘Completely Interwoven,’ Activists Warn

Originally Published at The Daily Caller By Mary Margaret Olohan The popular pornography site Pornhub boasted 42 billion visits to its site during 2019, 39 billion searches performed site-wide, an average of 115 million visits per day, and 6.83 million new videos uploaded. “To put this in perspective — if you strung all of 2019’s…


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Fox Business – TikTok, Visa make ‘Dirty Dozen’ list: Sexual exploitation watchdog group

Originally Published at Fox Business By Evie Fordham A sexual exploitation watchdog added social media app TikTok, e-commerce platform Wish, credit card company Visa and others to its 2020 “Dirty Dozen” list, which the watchdog says has elicited change at major corporations. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) also called out companies including Amazon and Massage Envy that are carryovers from…


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Fox Business: Porn is a problem on United Airlines so flight attendants will train to keep it off flights

Originally Published at Fox Business By Evie Fordham United Airlines promised to do more to help flight attendants keep pornography out of airplane cabins after landing on the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s “2019 Dirty Dozen List,” NCOSE announced on Monday. “Sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, intimidation or predation have absolutely no place anywhere in our society — including, and especially, in…



BISNOW: 3 NorCal Hotels Named In Sex Trafficking Lawsuit

Originally published at BISNOW By Dean Boerner The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff, referred to in the lawsuit as B.M., was 16, and “pimped at the three hotel chains, repeatedly and over a long period of time,” National Center on Sexual Exploitation General Counsel Benjamin Bull said. The center is a New York-based nonprofit acting as co-counsel…