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Action Alert: Tell Senators to Pass Bill to Help American Sex Trafficking Victims

Help victims of sex trafficking by getting the Senate to reauthorize the Trafficking Victims Protection Act! This package includes important funding to help American victims of sex trafficking and to combat the demand for sex trafficking. The package of four TVPRA-related bills MUST be cleared by the Senate before Congress adjourns for the end of […]

Project_Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda

How a Traffic Jam Inspired Me to Fight Sexual Exploitation

At roughly 2:00 AM on a day in 1990, I found myself stuck in a traffic jam. I was the Chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS) at the U.S. Department of Justice at the time. Where was the long line of vehicles ahead of me going at such an early hour? Into […]

Issue: Sex Trafficking

Podcast: Are Legal Brothels in Nevada Safe and Here to Stay?

Ep. 28 Haley Halverson shares an update on legal brothels in Nevada. Haley Halverson, Vice President of Advocacy and Outreach at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, provides an update on research, survivor testimonies, and legal battles regarding legal brothels in Nevada. This episode discusses how: 1) Even legal prostitution cannot get rid of sexual […]


Congress Passes Congressional Sexual Harassment Reform

Significant progress is being made on Capitol Hill with respect to sexual harassment. Now taxpayers don’t have to pay for the indiscretions of their elected officials! Members of Congress reached an agreement on overhauling how sexual harassment accusations against Congressional members are handled. The bipartisan agreement seeks to increase transparency and hold members more accountable […]

Issue: Objectification

Tumblr Took A Step Against Porn, But Is It Enough?

Earlier this week, Tumblr announced that it would be removing all “adult content” from its site.  The decision comes shortly after Apple removed Tumblr from its App Store because of child pornography being shared on the social media site. Is this a major victory? Or are there aspects of this decision that should make us […]

Issue: Pornography Harms

Highlights from the Movement in 2018

2018 was an exciting year for our movement!  Often, sexual exploitation can seem like an insurmountable issue and that there is no end in sight. But thanks to support from people like you, we have accomplished many victories towards ending sexual exploitation. We want to share some of the highlights from the past year and […]

Project_Fly Free from Sexual Harassment on Planes

UPDATE: More College Students Wanting Universities to Filter Porn

Remember how 80+ men at Notre Dame called for their university to filter out hardcore pornography earlier this year? They were then joined by a group of female students and 1,500+ petition signers. The movement has caught on! As reported in the Daily Beast: Combining the energy of the #MeToo movement with a moral fervor, […]

Project_Public Health Crisis of Pornography

Parent Gift Guide: New iPhone Safety Features

With the holiday season fast approaching, many parents may be considering buying their child a new iPhone or other Apple device. While smart devices can be great source for education and entertainment, giving these tools to children can come with a whole new set of challenges and dangers. The Internet in particular is full of […]

Issue: Pornography Harms

Victory: Comcast Improves Parental Controls

After making remarkable improvements to parental control systems, Comcast is being removed from the Dirty Dozen List—a campaign by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation that names 12 companies contributing to sexual exploitation every year. The new 2019 Dirty Dozen List will be launched on February 11, 2019. Comcast has become an industry leader in […]

2018 Dirty Dozen: Comcast

Helping Women Heal From Betrayal Trauma

“I almost feel paralyzed. Like I can’t stop thinking about my marriage and questioning if any of it has been real. Did he ever really love me or have I just been lying to myself? Have I ever been good enough for him?” Discovering you’ve been sexually betrayed by your partner can be completely devastating. Many […]

Issue: Pornography Harms