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NCOSE Ed Smart gives a moving presentation about the way sexual exploitation and abuse is interlinked in real-life and how to turn trauma into action
NCOSE In Arizona, a massage therapist was arrested after he admitted to inappropriately touching a customer. Massage Envy was added to the 2019 Dirty Dozen List.
Haley Halverson There are mounting concerns about YouTube being used for the eroticization of children and for pedophile networking.
NCOSE A lawsuit filed last week accused United Airlines of failing to protect a 16-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted on a July 2017 flight from Seattle to Newark, New Jersey.
Dawn Hawkins YouTubers have found evidence of soft-core pedophilia ring on the site. Many videos, which are monetized with ads, feature kids in compromising poses.
NCOSE YouTube is facilitating the sexual exploitation of children, and it's being monetized. YouTube needs to stop this abuse. #WakeUpYouTube
NCOSE Many of the most popular apps used by teenagers are given a 12+ or lower rating. However, these apps often contain inappropriate X-rated content.
NCOSE This young woman was first contacted by a sex trafficker on Snapchat.
Shametrius Long Demand Abolition just released a new report on sex buyer demographics. The report has serious implications for policy. Here's an inside look.
Ben Miller We take a look at Covenant Eyes' new Screen Accountability software. This new tool is revolutionary. It is a great step forward for fighting pornography.
NCOSE Ep. 31 Dan O’Bryant addresses the way strip clubs feed sexual exploitation
NCOSE It's time to #EndLegalBrothels.