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NCOSE This law firm is standing up to the Goliath of Massage Envy—a multi-million dollar corporation—in order to bring justice to victims of sexual assault
Shametrius Long For over 20 years, 52-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer, R. Kelly, has been at the center of numerous sexual assault allegations.
NCOSE “I have a message for any woman listening: Nevada is not safe for women,” Charleston states, speaking along with several women who experienced sexual violence, exploitation, and trafficking in Nevada.
Sommer Porter A recent study published in the Military Medicine journal looked at the relationship between sexual dysfunction and pornography use, and showed several key findings.
Tiffany Powell Jamie’s parents were completely unaware of their son’s escalating pornography addiction over the previous three years.
NCOSE Similar to tobacco in the 1950s, research & science have caught up with the harmful impacts of a pervasive industry.
Sommer Porter “It terrifies me that another young girl could fall victim to something like this.”
Sommer Porter It’s now 10 years later, and the city is still plagued by many of these same problems.
Sommer Porter The harms of pornography are widespread. Pornography impacts our everyday life in ways that many of us do not even notice. It even changes our world.