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NCOSE Similar to tobacco in the 1950s, research & science have caught up with the harmful impacts of a pervasive industry.
Sommer Porter “It terrifies me that another young girl could fall victim to something like this.”
Sommer Porter It’s now 10 years later, and the city is still plagued by many of these same problems.
Sommer Porter The harms of pornography are widespread. Pornography impacts our everyday life in ways that many of us do not even notice. It even changes our world.
Sommer Porter This most recent scandal of secret cameras live streaming private motel tenants for profit only proves that not enough is being done to curb this disturbing trend of secret cameras filming women in the nude.
Tiffany Powell A new wave of so-called "ethical" porn has emerged to ease the consciences of the porn viewing community. Here's why it's a total fallacy...
NCOSE Step-parent sexual abuse of children is a tragic reality in today’s society. By allowing this content Amazon trivializes the abuse faced by countless people across the country and the world.
NCOSE Entities such as strip clubs, massage parlors, brothels, and pornography production companies contribute to the supply chain of sexploitation.
NCOSE We need industry standards to train airline staff and standardized ways to report and address instances of sexual assault in the skies.
Ashleigh Unsted The CDC told CNN that "Pornography can be connected to other public health issues like sexual violence and occupational HIV transmission."
NCOSE A Lawsuit By a Sex Trafficking Survivor Against Legal Brothels Draws Pimp’s Ire
Dawn Hawkins Right now, app developers self-rate their own apps based on their own whims.