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NCOSE Access to pornography through school databases and devices is a growing problem. Here's what the DOE can do to promote kids’ online safety.
National Center on Sexual Exploitation NCOSE is partnering with One Door Studios as they work on developing the screenplay for their latest film, Calculated. This film will help raise public awareness of sex trafficking and other issues, while educating and honoring the victims of real-life trafficking and exploitation.
Madison Van Oss The normalization of "sugar dating" or "sugaring" as "empowering" for women would be a regressive and dangerous development for women and society at large.
NCOSE The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) is urging the Virginia Legislature not to commute sentences of violent sex offenders, including those who exploit children, which will happen if the Earned Sentence Credit Bill (HB 5148) is passed.
NCOSE The International Centre on Sexual Exploitation believes it is vital for the UN Working Group to recognize that sex buying is a practice of gender-based violence, discrimination, and substantive inequality for women and girls around the globe.
Madison Van Oss Nevada has wrongfully profited off of brothels through the enslavement and exploitation of women. The state of Nevada is not safe for women. #NSFWomen
NCOSE Due to the steadily growing reliance on technology in schools, already powerful companies are influencing and determining the content our kids are consuming and shaping their young minds. Google and EBSCO's “services” come with risks.
NCOSE NCOSE is honored to recognize Protect Young Eyes in August 2020’s Dignity Defense Alert for their leadership in protecting children online and on the EARN IT Act.
Lina Nealon Schools must recognize, prioritize, and minimize students’ potential exposure to predators and pornography by implementing these best practices for online safety during virtual learning.
NCOSE A sexualized image should never be the price for mainstream success in media, and it certainly shouldn’t be spreading so low as to affect 11 year old children in the process.
Haley McNamara (Halverson) The International Centre on Sexual Exploitation's goal is to keep the momentum from the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit going!