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Sommer Porter Children deserve to learn, experience, and develop the gift of dance in safe environments that do not sexualize them.
NCOSE NCOSE is deeply grateful to the Senate Judiciary Committee which unanimously approved a stronger version of the EARN IT Act on July 2, 2020.
NCOSE The International Centre on Sexual Exploitation is encouraged by the global collaboration that enabled us to fight against the harms of pornography in this way.
NCOSE Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest is an important development for survivors of Jeffrey Epstein's abuse and seems to indicate that justice may yet be served.
Meeghan Sheppard Tamar Arenson and Megan Lundstrom discuss the “Bitter Truth of Sugaring” and the dangers of being a sugar baby--especially as corporations target the vulnerable.
NCOSE Sexual exploitation is a web of intersectionality that spans the globe and all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation feed into and off of one another.
Eleanor Kennelly Gaetan, Ph.D. Utah is blazing an important path with an innovative state mandate that requires porn platforms to post a warning label in front of content on their sites.
NCOSE Use your voice as we continue in tireless advocacy efforts with corporations on the Dirty Dozen List—especially Netflix, Google, TikTok, and Twitter.
Aubrey Pound Pornhub perpetuates and perpetrates violent and racist sexual stereotypes in our culture while raking in profits from doing so.
Lisa L. Thompson Demand Forum is been widely used to design, improve, and sustain programs combating demand for commercial sexual exploitation.
Christen Price, Esq. The sex trade is a haven for racial violence. It violates the basic human rights of women and girls of color, largely with impunity, as it has for centuries.