MIM_Logo_WRAPThe 26th Annual White Ribbon Against Pornography Week is October 27th – November 3rd this year. Will you join hundreds of other groups and thousands of citizens around the country to raise awareness about the flood-tide of pornography pouring into our nation’s communities, homes, and children’s minds? Participate this week and pledge to take action against pornography throughout the year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have material we can use during WRAP week?

Yes! You can make your own white ribbons or you can buy pins, magnets, pendants and more at http://www.wrapfamily.com/. You can also print off stickers to distribute, which is cheaper than the pins. We have version 1 here or version 2 here.

Additionally, you can use any of the handouts we have organized by topic at this link. Feel free to print them off yourself or contact us about printing for you. There will be a small fee for shipping and printing for some of the materials. If you don’t see something you can use, let us know! 202-487-3308 or grassroots@pornharms.com.

  • Here is a draft proclamation your local leaders could sign.  For 2013 click here.
  • History of WRAP here. You can also print out the history in Espanol.
  • You can help educate others with these Free Handouts, Materials, Presentations and Suggested Social Media Posts - CLICK HERE
  • Contact us if you want specialty brochures for a religious group. We have a Catholic, an Evangelical and Jewish versions available. We can send you 100 for $12.50.

How did White Ribbon Against Pornography Start?

It was just one woman in Pennsylvania with an idea, and now 25 years later thousands are still participating.

First White Ribbon Against Pornography Week Campaign -1987 with Norma Norris

The White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Campaign began with  one woman in Butler, PA in 1987. Norma Norris heard a sermon against  pornography delivered by the pastor of her Catholic parish. Msgr. Francis Glenn lamented that local prosecutors and law enforcement had been deluded into thinking that people didn’t care about the hardcore porn being sold in her community. Norma  looked at the full pews in the church and said, “That can’t be; we’re here and we care!” Norma then gave herself the challenge to inspire her community and to send out the message: WE CARE! WE COUNT! Norma thought the plan had to be simple, inexpensive, and something to catch the imagination. Soon after, the idea of a simple white ribbon as a symbol of decency came to her,  and a movement was born.

Norma then worked with Msgr. Glenn, the Butler County Citizens for Decency, and the Butler Fellowship of Churches to organize the first White Ribbon campaign. Ribbons were distributed; huge white ribbon bows were sent to the Governor and the Attorney General of Pennsylvania; petitions were signed; and a motorcade was organized.
The highlight of the campaign was the bulldozing of a closed porn bookstore. The Butler County Citizens for Decency bought the property especially for the purpose. A judge signed an eviction notice against the store, and on a sunny day in fall, in front of a large crowd of citizens and cameras from local TV stations, the bulldozer smashed the porn shop to smithereens.

That year, Morality in Media became the national sponsor of the WRAP Campaign…Read more about the history of WRAP here. You can also read the history in Espanol.

What have groups done in the past?

Activists in Puerto Rico organized a protest in front of the capitol

Many have followed Norma’s inspiration and allowed their creativity to grow this effort into something great! We don’t want to limit you or the possibilities. Thousands have participated by proudly wearing or displaying a white ribbon during the week. Other groups have organized protests, letter-writing campaigns, call-days, support meetings for addicts and their partners, group discussions, sermons at church, handing out awareness flyers, school assemblies, etc. In 2011, more than 20 groups are putting on live online events with different experts on the harms of pornography and ways to overcome these consequences. Here are couple of articles about what other groups in Lancaster, PA and in Utah have done.


How do I contact you?

Morality In Media
1100 G Street NW #1030
Washington, DC 20005
(202)393-7245 or grassroots@pornharms.com


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