Screenshots of pornographic and child-porn pages on Facebook

These photos were used in Chelsea Schilling’s series about child pornography on Facebook for



These are screenshot of pages that “liked” or were otherwise somehow connected to our page, Pornography Harms.

(Takes pictures of young girls and posts them. Many of the comments are sexual and derogatory, discussing what the commenter wants to do to the girl in the picture.)

(The website associated with this profile starts pages, uploads lots of pornography, then deletes it all and starts a new page because they  know they are risking being shut down by FB. They encourage “fans” to email them in order to find out the name of the latest porn page)

Names of pages on Facebook:

Kidsex Young
Preteen Lesbians
10-17 Teen Bisexual
PTHC (preteen hard-core pornography)
12 to 13 Boy Sex
Young Gay Pics and Movie Trade
Hot and Teen Lesbians
Bl-wjob Fan Page ( mostly girls, some young-looking teens)
Young Lesbians
Teen Sex
Love Little Kids
I.ncest Forever
Menfor Babygirls
Sex Little Girls
Nude Teens
F–k Young Girls
F–k Young Boys
Tiny Nude Teens
Jailbait Lovers
Young Filipina Pretty Girls
Young Girl Sex
Children Naked
Friends of Sex and Pornography
Nasty vs Freaky Official Home
Let’s Expose These Hoes
Hot Girls
Chaturbate Fans
Squirting Orgasms
Skinny Sluts
Daddy’s Girl
Big Tit Tease
Dirty Females

Screenshots taken by other groups or our supporters:






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