No more pornography, child porn and trafficking on Facebook!

We demand that Facebook dedicate the necessary resources to remove the pornography, stop the child pornography and child predators, and put an end to the buying and selling of people on its site! How you can help:

    1. Sign the below petition.
    2. Ask at least 10 others to sign the petition as well.
    3. Spread the news that this stuff is happening on the popular network! Share it on your Facebook profile, tell your friends and family, write blog posts and editorials about it, etc.

Sign The Petition To Facebook Executives

**Put 00000 if you’re not in US for zip code. Will have fixed soon.

We are partnering with groups all over the world. Porn-Free Culture started a petition on here – we will combine them and send them in together!

Facebook has become a top place in the world to exploit and sexually abuse men, women and children.

  1. It has become a successful and widely-used place to BUY AND SELL PEOPLE.
  2. Predators are flocking to use Facebook to meet and groom child victims
  3. Pedophiles and child-porn users are using Facebook groups and pages to exchange thousands of child-porn images a day
  4. The porn industry starts numerous Facebook pages, groups and ads a day in order to push pornographic (much of it is illegal) content on the social site.
  5. Facebook allows users to create and target ads linking to porn to anyone online. (Kids, adults who don’t want to see this, etc.)

Proof that this is happening:

Sex Trafficked Girls on Facebook


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