Birmingham, AL Billboard Project

Raising awareness about the harms of pornography and sexual exploitation in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our billboards are affecting millions. They cost $3,000 / month to run.


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America is suffering an untreated pandemic of harm caused by pornography. According to research by psychologists and social scientists, some of these harms include: Children and adults who develop life-long addictions; pornography leads to a burgeoning demand for trafficked women and children in the U.S.; there is increased demand for child pornography because adult-porn users are finding that they are no longer satisfied with adult images; on average, American children are seeing hardcore pornography at age 11 and four out of five 16 year-olds now regularly access pornography online; 56% of divorces cite Internet pornography as a major factor in the breakup of the marriage; porn encourages viewers to view sexual partners in dehumanized ways; porn use increases acceptance and enjoyment of sexual violence and harmful beliefs about women, sex and rape; pornography is leading to an increase of men in their 20s and 30s who are suffering from erectile dysfunction; pornography use contributes to self-esteem issues and depression.

Our site,, is a dedicated clearinghouse full of peer-reviewed studies on the harmful effects of pornography. The website also has numerous news and opinion articles detailing the harms of porn divided by category.

Did you know?

• The word pornography is derived from the roots “porne”, which means, “women in bondage” and “graphe”, which means, “to write about.”

• Porn use fuels the increased demand for human sex trafficking in the US and worldwide. Every week hundreds of women and children are trafficked through OUR CITY on 1-20.

• The production of pornography itself often involves the entrapment, abuse, and torture of victims.

• Pornography is a highly addictive material and acts as a polydrug. Repeated exposure to pornography actually changes the maps in your brain.

• Exposing a child to pornography is tantamount to child sex abuse as it can have pervasive negative effects on their life and relationships. Yet, studies reveal that by age 11, 70% of our youth who have internet access at home or school have had unwanted exposure to internet pornography.

• 56% of divorce cases site pornography as a major contributor to the demise of the marriage.

• Over 90% of the pornographic images online are considered “hard core” and are technically illegal.

To learn more about the harms of pornography, click here.

Be part of the change in Birmingham

Help keep the billboards up. They cost $3,000/month. Donate here.

Protect your loved ones. Find resources here.

Be a voice in the community. Examples include: Start/Join a Women For Decency chapter, bring Fight The New Drug to do assemblies in your middle and high schools; make sure adequate filters are in place in your libraries and schools.

Contact Birmingham officials here:


Be part of national and international change

Send a letter to the President and your elected officials:


Get involved with B’Ham-based ministries. See a list here.

Volunteer with us.

Find Help

Whether you struggle with pornography use, are a worried parent or a concerned spouse, or are have been victimized because of pornography and the sex industry, we have some resources to help in the overcoming these harms. Click here for local help and here for online help.

For press inquiries or to contact us call (202) 393-7245 or email


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